• Truett & Osborn Complete Crank Assembly - Standard Weight Flywheels

Truett and Osborn Cycle can supply a complete crankshaft assembly for all year OHV Big Twin engines from 1939 to 1999.  Knuckle, Pan, Shovel, and Evolutions. We use our TorqueMonster flywheels, Jims Machining sprocket and pinion shafts, H-beam style rods fit with bearings/cages to Jims Machining crankpin, we put it all together and dynamic balance the crank to your supplied piston weights.  It will come to you all assembled, trued, balanced, ready to install in the engine cases.  Price for complete assemblies is $1400.00.  *NOTE* Evolution engines from 1991 to 1999 require early style pinion gear and oil pump drive gear conversion.

Complete crankshaft assemblies are also available for Big Twin Flathead engines.  These do NOT use the H-beam style rods. We supply a set of Tedd Cycle/V-twin part#10-0265 rods and then we fit new rollers with aluminum cages to a Jims Machining crankpin.  Price for a Flathead crankshaft assembly 1937 - 1948 is $1800.00.  If you have a set of stock H-D Flathead rods, we can recondition them and build a crankshaft using your stock rod set.  (price varies)

Complete crankshafts are also available for 45" Flathead engines.  Similar to the Big Twin Flatheads, we use reproduction rods upgraded with quality cages and rollers and fit to a Jims Machining crankpin.

Yup, we make them for Sportsters too.  Any year 1957 - 2003.  There are many choices for rods, prices vary. 

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Truett & Osborn Complete Crank Assembly - Standard Weight Flywheels

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