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"B" Series Carburetor Throttle Arm 35-0752

"B" Series Carburetor Throttle Arm 35-0752

Throttle arm fur use on a "B" and "L" series carubretor for single or dual cable application. Must b..


"E" Series Carburetor Upgrade Kit 35-9191

Kit includes float bowl, carburetor hop up kit, carburetor enrichment assembly, main jet assortment ..


"H" Lighting Patch 48-1329

Patches are made of cloth and can either be ironed on or sewn on. These are 2" x 4".VT No: 48-1329 P..


"I Bought American" Patches 48-1973

Patches with "I Bought American" and measures 2" x 4" and can be ironed or sewn on. Sold in a pair.A..


"L" Series Carburetor Assembly 35-0283

L" series carburetor assembly is the complete replica of the 1-7/8""L" series carburetor, the 1980-8..


"L" Series Carburetor Assembly 35-0960

Carburetor assembly with 1-7/8" bore includes all parts pictured. Body and bowl are cast aluminum wi..


"L" Series Carburetor Body 35-0977

L" Series 1-7/8" bore carburetor body is cast aluminum.VT No: 35-0977 L" Series 1-7/8" bore carburet..


"L" Series Carburetor Choke Door Assembly 35-1673

L" Series carburetor kit includes choke door, screws and washers, shaft, external lever, and detent ..


"L" Series Carburetor Float Bowl Mount 35-0762

Dual float bowl mount is machined from billet aluminum and fits S&S "L" series carburetors.VT No: 35..


"L" Series Carburetor Intermediate Jet Assortment 35-0303

Intermediate carburetor air bleed jet #40.VT No: 35-0303 Intermediate carburetor air bleed jet #40. ..


"L" Series Carburetor Main Jet Assortment 35-0287

Main jet assortment is for S&S carburetors. This 12 jet assortment features sizes ranging from .062"..


"L" Series Carburetor Master Rebuild Kit 35-0659

S&S "L" series carburetor master rebuild kit includes the throttle shaft and plate, hardware, gasket..


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